Speed up the process

Quick to apply, quick to dry. With Stiq, you’ll gain time and maximize production.

Driven by demand

When it comes to RVs and manufactured housing, the adhesive of choice is Stiq.

You Can Count on Stiq

Less Time

With this high strength adhesive, 80% of the final strength is achieved immediately. In addition, it’s much quicker to apply!

Better Performance

Stiq provides excellent high coverage. This, coupled with dry times, leads to a strong, efficient bond.

High Temp Resistant

Stiq is designed to resist exposure to elevated temperatures while maintaining vital properties essential for results.

High performance and reliability

Stiq is a high strength contact adhesive. A breeze to apply, customers love the quick dry time and good temperature resistance. Bonding to nearly every surface, Stiq provides excellent coverage. It is also OTC Compliant.
Stiq is a high strength, high solids, web spray contact adhesive. It’s fast-drying with good temperature resistance. Bonding to nearly every service, Stiq provides excellent coverage and is OCT Compliant.

A Family of Quality Adhesive Products

Stiq is a Quin Global brand. Quin Global is a global manufacturer of quality adhesive and tool systems built specifically for our customer’s needs.
At Quin Global, we manufacture and distribute our innovative products and formulations from three strategic locations across the globe – Perth, UK; Omaha, USA & Canberra, Australia. Our products are sold globally through a network of almost 100 national and independent distributors, many of which have multiple locations.

Words from the Industry

“Quin Global is more than a supplier for our company, they’re a partner. They work hand-in-hand with our team and customers to make sure needs are met, no matter the product. With them, we’ve been able to significantly grow our customer base.”

Keynan Plowman
Purchasing Manager, Basic Components
“When our previous supplier discontinued producing a product that our customers desperately needed, Quin Global was able to create a similar product that met our customer’s exact needs. They’re reactive and listened to our customers and to us as a distributor.”

Jim Hoff
Sales Manager, Industrial Finishes

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